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General Rules:

- By registering/entering this server, you agree to be bound to these rules.
- Not reading the rules is no excuse for violating the responsibility and could not be an argument for appeal.

  1. The use of any cheats and bugs of the server for your own advantage is absolutely forbidden; Even if you get some bug working , kill some ppl with it we will see it in logs and no matter how many characters or accounts you have they all will be banned and you will not play on this server again. Also server administration see all trade logs so even if you bug some item we will trace it and delete character who have it. So before using any bugs think a little is it rly worth it. By using bugs and cheats you are proving only one thing - you are a noob who cant play without cheating
  2. Offence(cursing, swearing) of other players, showing disrespect to GMs and all other ways of humiliation is unacceptable;
  3. The use of personal information for benefit is unacceptable!
  4. Any language or nation discriminaton (prohibited).
  5. Any sex(male/female)discrimination (prohibited).
  6. Flood – writing or repeating of absolute phrases in the common chat and the private ones as well is forbidden. Absolute requests for raising a level, giving items etc. will be disregarded;
  7. The use of nicknames, containing offensive words and/or phrases, as well as presenting as GM is restricted. Users will be deleveled or banned. You can trust only the official GMs, presented on the web-site;
  8. The use of any malicious code is forbidden;
  9. You cannot advertise or sell any items to gain money or conduct any other commercial deals.
  10. Advertising of lineage 2 server(s) or lineage 2 toplists is NOT allowed and you will be jailed/banned on sight (no warnings).
  11. We 100% recommend you to N-E-V-E-R give your account information (ID & Password) to ANYONE, including your friends & family. Also for god's shake try not to be fooled by fake "GMs" that are trying to steal your items! Real GMs will NEVER ask you for such information! because they dont need it! so remember that you are 100% responsible for your account(s) and we will NEVER restore stolen items

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