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Error: History: FL2GameData::ObsceneDataLoad <- FL2GameData::Load() <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

Cause: The client cannot properly load banned messages.

Solution: Delete obscene-e.dat in your C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system folder and run L2.exe again.


Error: General protection fault! History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

Cause: The client is missing one or more vital files that are required to load the game. You have not installed the patch or updater properly, you have accidently deleted files, or you are not using the right Chronicle.

Solutions: 1. Make sure none of your folders are empty; ie. systextures, staticmeshes, textures, animations.
███████ 2. If found to be empty, reinstall Lineage 2 after completely removing the client via Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.
███████ 3. If step 2 does not work, download a fresh Lineage2 installer from [Link 1].

Error: Negative delta time! History: UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

Cause: Your Lineage 2 client could not properly read your CPU clock speeds. This usually only happens with AMD processors.

Solutions: 1. Download the [AMD Dual Core Optimizer] program and install it.
███████ 2. Download this >XP ONLY< hotfix from the official Windows website (Genuine Windows XP required). [Link 1]


Error: Failed to enter Entry: Can't find file 'Entry'. History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

Cause: Your client is missing one or more required files to launch the game. This may also occur if you install the L2 Server patch onto the wrong version of the game (Hellbound, Gracia, C5, etc).

Solutions: 1. Install the patch in the MAIN Lineage II folder, not the system folder or anywhere else. Installing it in the wrong place can cause this error.
███████ 2. Update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones.


Error: Application failed to initialize properly

Cause: This usually appears when you are using modded video card drivers, very outdated video card drivers, do not have the .NET Framework installed, or any combination of the three.

Solutions: 1. Update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones.
███████ 2. Download and install the .NET Framework 2.0 [Link 1] (Genuine Windows XP/Vista required).


Error: General protection fault! History: UObject:: DissociateImports <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.SkeletalMesh =anything can be here=) <- IsLoadedResource <- User::SetPawnResource <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=NpcInfoPacket <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

Cause: This is 99% of the time caused by video card drivers being unable to load textures, or it can be very rarely caused by a missing texture.

Solutions: 1. Update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones.
███████ 2. If step 1 does not work, do some searching to find out what driver versions work best for your video card. In my case and many others, the latest drivers have caused issues, and older drivers work much better.


Error: History: FArchiveFileReader::Seek <- ULinkerLoad::Seek <- TLazyArray<< <- FMipmap<< <- SerializeMips <- UTexture::Serialize <- LoadObject <- (Texture LineageMonstersTex.death_knight.death_knight_t00 99684524==99684524/133323252 99683358 132383) <- ULinkerLoad::Preload <- PreLoadObjects <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.Texture LineageMonstersTex.Death_Knight_T00 NULL) <- UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

Cause: You have a corrupt texture, potentially from another private server that doesn't know how to create a proper patch or from an action you have done yourself.

Solutions: 1. download a fresh Lineage2 installer from [Link 1].
███████ 2. If step 1 does not work, reinstall DirectX 9.0c and update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones.


Error: History: NConsoleWnd::RequestAuthLogin <- NCAuthWnd::OnLoginBtnClick <- NCAuthWnd::OnPasswordDone <- NControl::SendEventMessage <- NCEditBox::OnKeyDown <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain:ispatchWndMsg <- NConsoleWnd:ispatchWndMsgX <- NConsoleWnd:ispatchWndMsg <- UWindowsViewport::ViewportWndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- DispatchMessage <- 006903B0 256 <- MessagePump <- MainLoop

Cause: Another program is intercepting your connection with the Auth server when you click 'Login'. This can be from almost anything.

Solutions: 1. If you have an anti-virus program such as AVG, disable all active protection while logging in and enable it again only once you are ingame.
███████ 2. If you have another Lineage 2 client open of a different chronicle (ex. logged into a Gracia Final Part 2 server while trying to login to Interlude one), close the other client and restart your client. Also close any other games that utilise an anti-cheat program, whether it be Gameguard, nProtect, etc. You should now be able to login.
███████ 3. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and open the file 'hosts' with notepad. Other than all lines starting with the character '#', make sure that this is the only line there:

Unless you have added other lines there and know what you are doing, you can leave those, but delete all lines with,,,,,, or anything else you see that relates to Lineage 2 Auth.

1.Verify if you have Lineage 2 Epilogue Client NOT UPDATED TO FREYA
2.Verify if you are entering gave vie our system folder/L2.exe
3.If nothing happens reinstalling client can solve a problem

We strongly suggest always to have client and system folder backup!


/useskillforce <skillname>

/useskillforce Proeminence

-you can use this kind of macro if pressing the ctrl button and the fX buttons in the same time is a pain in the ass for you (and believe me, it is). in few words, u can attack ur unflag'd (no pink name) enemies w/o pressing ctrl button anymore.


-normal attack. it is like CTRL+/ATTACK . you use it w/o pressing the ctrl button as well.


Assist macro's
-u use them to advertise your party members about an upcoming enemy.

#ASSIST ME. KILL HIM ---> %target
if you target a cool guy .. let's say ME:D .. and you press that macro while i'm ur main target it will look like this:


ofc if u want to advertise ur clan/ally mates u just need to change the party symbol from beginning (#) to clan/ally symbol (@/$).

-you can use it (assist macro) if u r the healer and some1 attack u.

#PROTECT THE HEALER ---> %target (GoDs3nD's idea)


also another useful macro for healers can be:

/target <partymember>
/useskillforce Wind Strike


Macro's for Combat Points potions (CP)

KentZ0ne wrote:
Make a tab with CP potions for example alt f7 - f1 Greater CP pots / f2 Small CP pots

/useshortcut 7 1
/useshortcut 7 2
/deelay 1
/useshortcut 7 1
/useshortcut 7 2

And u can use a clicker if u want and always use elixirs (CP/HP/MP)


it's smth like 5 6 actions with just one button .. let's say u put ur dc armor (each part) on the 7th tab : f1 - dc helmet / f2 - dc robe armor / f3 - dc gloves / f4 - dc boots .. and ur weap/shield .. f5 - Arcana Mace / f6 - dc shield .. with just one button (macro) u will be able to equip all these sh1ts with just 1 click.

/useshortcut 7 1
/useshortcut 7 2
/useshortcut 7 3
/useshortcut 7 4
/useshortcut 7 5
/useshortcut 7 6

so if u r .. wc/ol in oly and ur main armor/weap is not the right one to use a magic skill u just need to press this macro and everything will be fine:) <- WARNING! this is a ROFL example


+wtb a new life
+wts hamburgers
+wtt my family for Baium Ring


  Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Operating System Windows® XP/Vista Windows® XP/Vista
Processor Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory 512 MB of RAM or more 1 GB of RAM or more
Optical Drive DVD-ROM Drive DVD-ROM Drive
HDD 10GB free hard disk space or higher 10GB free hard disk space or higher
Graphics NVIDIA® FX 5700 or ATI™ Radeon® 9600 video card NVIDIA® FX 6600 or ATI™ x800 or better video card
Audio DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
Internet Connection 56k Internet connection Broadband Internet connection
If your system does not meet the minimum requirements:
The game either will not run or will not function properly. In order to play the game without any problems, we suggest that users meet the recommended specifications.
If your system only meets the minimum requirements:
Set the graphics options of the game to the lowest levels to maintain smooth game play. Click the Lower Detail check box in the Game Options to set this option.
* Lineage II requires DirectX 9.0c or above. Windows® 95, 98 and NT are not supported. Install DirectX 9.0c or above and the latest drivers for your video card.
Not sure whether you’ll need to upgrade your computer to play Lineage II?
Use one of the following two methods to review your computer information to see if you meet the recommended system requirements for Lineage II.
From your desktop, click once on the "My Computer” icon. Right-click and select properties. On the General tab, you will find descriptions of the computer’s processor, memory, etc. From there, if you click on Hardware -> Device Manager -> Display, you will be able to view the information about your graphics card.
You may also run the DirectX diagnostic program to view your system information. To do so, from your "Start” menu, choose the "Run” option. Enter dxdiag in the blank field. You can use the various tabs on the diagnostic program to view information about each part of your computer setup.

You can enjoy gaming in a better environment by installing the latest graphic driver.
- If possible install the latest official video card driver version possible for your OS environment. (If using a beta version, problems may occur).
- Please refer to the links below for major video card manufacturers. If your video card is not listed, please contact the store or manufacturer.
nVidia Driver Resource Center
For GeForce, Riva TNT series video cards
ATI Driver Resource Center
About Radeon, All in wonder, Rage series video cards
Matrox Driver Resource Center
About Parhelia, G500/400 series video cards

The chart below describes the benefits a clan receives at each clan level.
Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
  • Member Registration (10 members)
  • Expel a Member
  • Dissolve a Clan
  • Clan Chat
  • Increase Members (15 members)
  • Use Clan Warehouse
  • Manage Clan Warehouse
  • Increase Members (20 members)
  • Participate in Clan Hall Auctions
  • Manage Clan Hall
  • Install Clan Hall Upgrades
  • Use Clan Message Board
Level 3
Level 4 Level 5
  • Increase Members (30 members)
  • Add Clan Emblem
  • Add Clan Crest
  • Give Titles to Clan Members
  • Declare War
  • Make Clan Announcements
  • Begin Level 4 Quest
  • Increase Members (40 members)
  • Participate in a Siege
  • Build Siege Headquarters skill (clan leader)
  • Seal of Ruler skill (clan leader)
  • Manage Castle
  • Install Castle Upgrades
  • Begin Level 5 Quest
  • Increase Members (60 members)
  • Establish and Break Alliances
  • Create the Academy
  • Begin Earning Reputation Points
  • Learn Clan Skills
Level 6
Level 7 Level 8
  • Increase members (100 members)
  • Create the Royal Guard
  • Learn Clan Skills
  • Increase members (140 members)
  • Create the Order of Knights
  • Learn Clan Skills
  • Learn Clan Skills

Player Ranks

Player ranks are based on a character’s social status and clan activities.

  • Ranks are applied according to a character’s clan status, clan level, and position in the clan.
  • Players can see their own rank in the character status window. Players can see the target’s rank in the Target window when another player is selected.
  • Heroes and Noblesse characters may attain special class ranks regardless of clan status.


Level 5 Clan
Solo Character

Level 6 Clan

Level 7 Clan

Level 8 Clan


Non-clan member





Clan member






Clan member in the Academy

Clan member in the Academy

Clan member in the Academy


Clan member of a clan level 5 and above

Clan member in the Royal Guard

Clan member in the Order of Knights



Clan leader of a level 4 clan

Direct clan member

Clan member in the Royal Guard

Clan member in the Order of Knights


Clan leader of a clan level 5 and above

Royal Guard

Direct clan member

Clan member in the Royal Guard




Knight Banneret

Direct clan member




Captain of Royal Guard

Knight Banneret





Captain of the Royal Guard






Download Wildcar and put in to your system folder 

You can learn new skills on your main class according to the subclasses you have.

Subclass certifications which are needed to learn these skills can be acquired from one of the Avant-Guarde NPCs on the 2nd floor (Human floor) in Ivory Tower.

In order to be able to acquire certifications you must first complete the quest More Than Meets The Eye which can be taken from Hardin at Hardin's Private Academy.

There are a maximum of 4 skills available per subclass, which means you can have a total of 12 subclass skills once you have all 3 of your subclasses leveled up to 80. The different certifications can be acquired once you have reached these levels on your subclasses:

  • 65 level on your subclass - a Emergent skill certificate
  • 70 level on your subclass - another Emergent skill certificate
  • 75 level on your subclass - you have a choice between a Class-Specific or a Master skill certificate
  • 80 level on your subclass - a Divine Transformation certificate



 Removing and resetting subclass skills

 Deleting a subclass to reroll a new one will not erase the subclass skills you've already learned, but you won't be able to learn additional skills from your new subclass for the levels you've already acquired certificates. E.g., you have learned two Emergent skills from the 65 and 70 levels of your subclass respectively, then you reroll a new subclass, but you can't acquire certificates for level 65 and 70 of the new subclass unless you erase your previous subskills.

You can only remove all subskills from all subclasses on your main class. This is done by paying 10 million adena to Avant-Guarde NPC. You cannot chose which subskills to remove.

Certificates in your inventory that you haven't used up yet are also deleted when you pay 10 million adena to erase your subclass skills.

Subclass categories

 Subclasses are categorized broadly as Warrior, Rogue, Knight, Summoner, Wizard, Healer and Enchanter. The Class-Specific and Divine Transformation subclass skills available to you through certification depend on the categories of your subclasses, as follows:

  • Warrior: Warlord, Gladiator, Destroyer, Tyrant, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith, Berserker, Soul Breaker (Male), Soul Breaker (Female)
  • Rogue: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Arbalester, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker
  • Knight: Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight
  • Summoner: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner
  • Wizard: Sorcerer, Necromancer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler
  • Healer: Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder
  • Enchanter: Prophet, Swordsinger, Bladedancer, Warcryer, Inspector (Male), Inspector (Female)

Skills list and effects

What follwos is a complete list of available skills, with exact effects and bonuses (some not confirmed).

Emergent Ability skills

 These skills are avaialable regardless of the category your subclass falls to.

 These skills can be stacked up, with maximum of level 6 if you chose to learn the same skill from both 65 and 70 certificates for each of your 3 subclasses. E.g., you get 6 Emergent Ability certificates from all your subs and use all of them to learn the Physical Defense skill. In the end you get Lv6 of the Physical Defense skill.

Master Ability skills

hese skills are avaialable regardless of the category your subclass falls to.


 Unlike Emergent Ability skills, only some of these skills can be stacked up.

 Class-Specific Ability skills

Warrior Class (Gladiator, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Tyrant, Destroyer, Soul Breaker, Berserker) 


Rogue Class (Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker, Arbalester) 


Knight Class (Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight)


Summoner Class (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner)


Wizard Class (Sorcerer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Necromancer) 


Healer Class (Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Bishop)


Enchanter Class (Prophet, Warcryer, Inspector, Swordsinger, Bladedancer)


Divine Transformation Ability skills

You receive a seal book of transformation instead of certificate for these skills. You can learn them via the transformation menu on the Avan-Guard NPC

Divine Transformations, although more sophisticated, follow the rules for regular transformations. This means you cannot use your regular class skills, your subclass skills remain active, your stats are determined by your equipment and the class type of the Divine Transformation in use.

Reuse time, Sacrifice Skill and Transformation level 

 Each Divine Transformation lasts 30 minutes and has a cooldown/reuse time of 3 hours.

Each Divine Transformation has its specific Sacrifice Skill. All sacrifice skills bring your HP and MP down to zero for a certain amount of time during which you can't be healed through skills or potions. The Sacrifice Skill usage conditions depend on the type of your subclass: Fighter-type subclasses - 30% or lower HP; Mystic-type subclasses - 10% or lower MP.

Each transformation can be learned up to level 3 if you happen to have more than one subclass of the same type. E.g., if you have 2 Warrior-type subclasses and they've reached level 80, you can learn Warrior Divine Transformation level 2. If you have 3, the transformation learned would be level 3.

 Divine Transformations and their respective skills

What follows is a list of all Divine Transformations, along with their specific skills.

Divine Warrior


  • Attacking enemy using hurricane force, can critical, power 2904
  • Attacking enemy at range using sword force, can critical, power 2323
  • Attack surrounding enemies (earthquake), ignores shield defense, can critical, power 2323
  • For a short duration greatly increase your own attack strength, effect 2
  • Poison an enemy with a poison needle, power 1689, effect 3
  • Sacrifice your own life to increase party's attack power

Divine Knight


  • Hate, power 6752
  • Hate Aura, power 6752
  • Attack target while rushing at target, stuns target, can overhit, power 1162
  • Attack surrounding enemies, stuns enemies, ignores shield deffense, can overhit, power 775
  • Greatly increase your pdef, mdef and resistance to buff cancelling attacks, cannot move while in effect, effect 2
  • Swing your axe to hit enemies in front of you, power 2322
  • Rush attack, power 1900
  • Sacrifice your life, boosts party's defenses (pdef and mdef probably)

Divine Rouge

Divine rouge is a combination of archer and dagger, hence you get skills for both weapons, but the skills are also limited by weapon-type...


  • When attacking enemy has chance of removing buffs (not sure..) and stunning target, can only be used with a bow, can overhit, power 2323
  • Shoot two arrows simultaneously, lethal strike is possible, can overhit, power 6195
  • bleed shot, can over hit, power 1549, effect 3
  • strong attack, can instant kill, can only be used with dagger equipped, power 6969
  • for a short duration increase your evasion
  • Attack enemies behind you, power 2111
  • Sacrifice your life, increases party's evasion

Divine Healer


  • Heal target's HP overtime, power 946
  • Instantly recover target's HP, power 826
  • Heals party's HP and increase HP regeneration, power 400, effect 5
  • Resurrection, recovers 70% of target's experience lost
  • Removes debuffs from target
  • Sacrifice your life, recovers HP and MP of all party members (not yours obviously)

Divine Wizard


  • Aura Flare, during PVP your matk will decrease, power 102
  • Sacred magic attack, can overhit, power 128
  • AoE sacred attack, power 64
  • AoE sleep, while slept target's resistance to sleep increases (doesn't say it won't land at all)
  • Increase dark resistance, decrease holy resistance, effect 3
  • Sacrifice your life, recovers mp/hp of party members

Divine Enchanter


  • PoWater, consumes 5 spiritore
  • PoFire, consumes 5 spiritore
  • PoWind, consumes 5 spiritore
  • Target CoV (not party buff), consumes 5 spiritore
  • AoE Root, if target rooted already it has no effect
  • Sacrifice your left, increases all abilities of party

Divine Summoner


  • Summon sacred beast, summoning consumes 2 A Crystals, consumes 1 extra A crystal each time it usually consumes crystals
  • Transfer pain, continuously consumes MP
  • Final Servitor (CoV for summon), consumes 20 spirit ore
  • Servitor Heal, power 991
  • Sacrifice your life, increases party's critical rate



The Mail System has been added in order to strengthen the player community and to increase the convenience of item trade. Through the Mail System, messages as well as items can be easily sent to other players.

There are two types of mail: Regular and Payment Request.

  • Regular mail allows players to send a message to other players with or without an attached item. Once the mail is sent, it can be checked by the recipient from the mail icon that appears on their screen. The cost for this type of mail is assumed by the player sending the mail.
  • Payment Request (also known as C.O.D) mail contains an attached item, and in order to retrieve the item the recipient needs to return the requested amount of Adena to the sender.

Sending Mail

Sending Mail

  • You can access your mailbox by clicking the mail icon at the top of the system menu (Alt + X) or by typing /mailbox in your chat window.
  • A maximum of 8 items can be attached to each message and postage will increase depending on the weight of the attached items.
  • Sending and receiving mail is only available in a peace zone.
  • Mail will arrive at the recipient after 30 seconds.
  • Sent mail can be cancelled if the recipient has not yet opened the mail, if the mail has yet to be delivered, or if an attached item has not been claimed.
  • You must click on the Mail Type dropdown box in order to send COD mail.
  • The COD sender will receive the requested amount of adena directly in their inventory once the recipient hits the pay button. This happens almost instantly.

Receiving Mail

Receiving Mail

  • The mail icon will appear when you have new mail and you can click this icon to check your newly received mail. The mail icon appears just above your chat window.
  • An attached item cannot be claimed when you do not have enough available inventory slots or when receiving those items would cause your weight gauge to exceed 100%. Clicking on the pay button will allow you to claim the item sent to you. Once you click this button, the corresponding amount of adena disappears from your inventory.

Returning and Deleting Mail

  • Regular mail without an attached item cannot be returned. This type of mail can only be received or deleted. You must open the mail first before it can be deleted.
  • Mail with an attached item can be returned or received, but it cannot be deleted.
  • Unchecked mail will automatically be returned after 15 days. Please note that mail without an attached item will be automatically deleted, not returned.
  • Unchecked returned mail will be automatically deleted and the item will be transferred to the private warehouse after 15 days. Payment Requests will be automatically returned if not accepted within 12 hours.


  • The freight system has been replaced by the new Mail system. Items stored in the freight warehouse can be retrieved in the private warehouse.

Google it or just read this topic, if you live too far from our server you will have high ping no matter how good internet connection we or you have

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